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Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service (1995 - 1997)

Alternative Names
  • Wood Royal Commission

The Wood Royal Commission ran from 1995 to 1997 and investigated allegations of corruption against members of the New South Wales Police Force. This was a wide-ranging inquiry that also, by investigating allegations of child abuse, made recommendations that affected the administration of child protection in New South Wales.


Important allegations raised at the inquiry included the existence of a paedophile network, consisting of members of the legal profession, media, political establishment and medical profession, that operated under police protection.

The Royal Commission did not find evidence of the existence of a large network of prominent professionals with paedophile tendencies or any bargain with police for protection. However, it was highly critical of police, prosecutors and public servants in their approach to the prosecution of sex offences against minors, and their lack of specialist police resources and clear guidelines.

The Commission made comprehensive recommendations for the reform of care arrangements and police and public service procedures in dealing with child victims of sexual offences.



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