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New South Wales - Archival Collection

Records of Marella Mission Farm

The Records of Marella Mission Farm consist of records and published material on the Sky Pilot Fellowship's administrative and financial records of Marella Mission Farm, and personal details of children resident in foster care.


Marella Mission Farm was conducted as part of The Sky Pilot Fellowship, which formally commenced on 23 May 1949 with Keith Langford-Smith as permanent Director and member of Council. The main activity of The Sky Pilot Fellowship was evangelical radio broadcasts. Marella was maintained by fund raising activities and donations received through The Sky Pilot Fellowship.

Marella's general administration from 1950-1986 was assumed by its Secretary-Treasurer, Norma Warwick. On 7 October 1954 The Sky Pilot Fellowship Ltd was formed, commencing operation as a non-profit making company on 1 April 1955. Since this Company was not exempt from Land Tax, on 19 April 1978, Marella Mission Farm Ltd took over the assets and liabilities of The Sky Pilot Fellowship Ltd., so that the land at Kellyville could be donated. At this time, the farm at Kellyville ceased operating as a foster home, with the children being places in Church of England group homes nearer the city. Marella continued to function as a sponsoring organisation to the Church of England Homes' Marella Project with a seat on the Marella Management Committee.


123 boxes

These include:

  • Two boxes on the Administration of Children's Welfare (1963-1986), including applications for admission, lists of residents and medical details of residents
  • Children's School Records, c 1960-1975, including school reports and correspondence about education matters
  • Staff files, 1953-1978
  • Financial Papers relating to Children's Welfare, 1970-1980
  • Correspondence from Former Residents, 1960-1981

The papers also include correspondence with welfare agencies and government departments (the New South Wales Department of Youth and Community Services, Federal Department of Social Security, New South Wales Aborigines Welfare Board and Department of Aboriginal Affairs); papers of Keith Langford-Smith and the Sky Pilot Fellowship and financial papers.

Access conditions

In May 2019, the collection was transferred to the custody of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torrres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). AIATSIS is currently in the process of accessioning the records and will provide access to them as soon as possible.

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Sources used to compile this entry: Platt, Matthew and Verdich, Kathleen, General Guide to the Collections in the Samuel Marsden Archives at Moore Theological College, University of New South Wales, 1987,; Email from Moore College Library, 17 May 2013.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry