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New South Wales - Organisation

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (2001 - )

Advocacy Body and Support Service
Alternative Names
  • KBHAC (acronym)

Kinchela Boys' Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) is a support service and advocacy group that works with and for former residents of the Kinchela Boys' Home to help them recover their identity and wellbeing. It is based in Darlington in Sydney. KBHAC recognises the legacy of, not only, members' experiences of removal, but also the physical, sexual, emotional and cultural abuse arising from members' experiences in Kinchela Boys' Home. A strong focus of KBHAC programmes will be the healing and wellbeing of unresolved trauma and suffering. This includes inter-generational effects. KBHAC works to empower KBH members to take more control of their own future and assist them to improve the quality of their lives. This organisation provides counselling and organises reunions.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry