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New South Wales - Archival Collection

St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Records (1926 - 1976)


St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Records is a collection of records dating from 1926 to 1976 and held by the University of Newcastle Library's Cultural Collections. St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Records is part of the Diocese of Newcastle Children's Homes collection. The collection consists of correspondence files, record books, meeting minutes, matron's reports, child allowance claims, press clippings and photographs.


Access Conditions

Access to these records is governed by the Samaritans Foundation (which was previously known as the Newcastle Anglican Board of Social Work). People wishing to access these records need to contact the Samaritans Foundation to obtain permission. Proof of identity may be required. Access is provided in accordance with privacy laws - former residents of St Elizabeth's Girls' Home are able to access their personal records and information relating directly to them. The Samaritans Foundation can provide support and counselling if required.


St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Records collection has records about the admission of individual children and contains administrative records such as correspondence and minutes that also have information about individual children and families.

Records in this collection have been indexed by University of Newcastle as part of the Records Access Documentation Grants in 2017.

The collection includes the following records:

  • St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls, Mayfield and Singleton - Records Books, 1926-1970 - also known as Admission Registers - record the basic details of children admitted to St Elizabeth's Home. Each girl has her own page. Information recorded includes: child's name, date and place of birth and baptism; information about parents and/or guardians; admission reason; medical information including illnesses and inoculations; date of discharge.
  • Diocesan Registrar's records - correspondence files, 1920-1973 - These files include: applications received for the admission of children into the homes between 1920-1960; correspondence relating to the Diocesan Children's Homes in general from 1931-1973; correspondence directly relating to St Elizabeth's Girls' Home from 1930-1973. These contain copies of letters received by the Registrar or by the Home's management and forwarded to the Registrar, along with copies of the Registrar's replies. Subjects covered include the admission and progress of children, correspondence with parents or guardians, the administration and maintenance of the Homes, reports submitted to the State authorities as required by legislation or regulations, holiday placings of children, activities at the Homes such as group outings, donations to the Homes, and fundraising drives. The contents of each application file are arranged alphabetically; the contents of the other files are in chronological order.
  • St. Elizabeth's Home House Committee minute book, 1961-1969 - Contains minutes of the (normally) monthly meetings of the Home's House Committee. The minutes are generally about matters of maintenance and supply, but also include mention of events at the Home and of incidents involving particular children.
  • Management Committee minutes and matron's reports, 1969-1971 & 1969-1976 - Contains minutes of the (normally) monthly meetings of the Home's Management Committee and the Matron's monthly reports to the Committee. The Minutes are a continuation of the House Committee Minutes and are generally about matters of maintenance and supply, but also include mention of events at the Home and of incidents involving particular children.
  • Child allowance claims, 1969-1976 - These files record claims for the payment of Child Allowance for children resident in the Home. They contain lists of children with details of the amounts claimed for each child and the periods which the claims covered.
  • Press clippings and photographs, 1961-1968 - This file consists of press cuttings, mostly from the Singleton Argus of stories which mention St Elizabeth's Home or some of its residents. There is also a packet of ten black-and-white photographs of St Elizabeth's Home girls and staff, but only one individual is identified by name.
  • Confidential file, 1962-1966 - Contains copies of correspondence concerning psychological and intellectual evaluations of some girls at St Elizabeth's Home.

Sources used to compile this entry: This entry has been updated with information received from the record holders as part of the Records Access Documentation grants. The source documents are held in the eScholarship Research Centre files at the University of Melbourne.

Prepared by: Nicola Laurent