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Youth Training Centre
Youth Training Centre is a term adopted from the 1950s onwards in place of 'reformatory' or 'training institution' to describe residential institutions designed for children and young people considered to require stronger discipline that those directed to other forms of 'care'. In some cases, children placed in Youth Training Centres were on remand, or had been convicted of a criminal offence. Sometimes, these institutions were also known as Juvenile Detention or Juvenile Justice Centres. At times, young people have been accommodated in adult prisons.
Carpentarian Reformatory for Boys (1894 - c. 1908)
Youth Welfare Service
The term Youth Welfare Service refers to an organisation providing a range of support services to young people, particularly teenagers, sometimes including short term hostel placements and life skills training.
Australian Youth and Health Foundation (1985 - )
Christ Church Boys League Welfare Bureau (1936 - 1950?)
Christ Church St Laurence Welfare Bureau (1936 - c. 1941)
Clifton Lodge (1970s - c. 2004)
Drummoyne Lodge (1980s - ?)
Harold Lodge (c. 1984 - )
Lemongrove Lodge (1980s - 2013)
Pathways Adolescent Unit (1991 - 2008)
Pathways Out of Home Care Youth Accommodation Service (2008 - )
Stretch-A-Family Inc. (1976 - 2021)
Youth Welfare Association of Australia (1942 - 1985)