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Werrington Park

Werrington Park, 1980s, courtesy of Penrith City Library.

Werrington Park

The photograph is taken looking at the northern side of the house. Werrington Park is located on the Great Western Highway Werrington. The house stands on what was once the land grant Frogmore, given to Mary Bligh and her husband John Putland in 1806 by Governor King. There is some conjecture as to whether the house is partly that of the original home built for Mary and her second husband Maurice O'Connell. The house has had extensive renovations with the modern Werrington Park being created by Alan and Laura Williams in the 1930s. During the 1950s the property and house become a home for intellectually disabled boys but was eventually sold to the University of Western Sydney. The house is now the Chancellery building for the University and has been renamed Frogmore. The property was also known as Brooklands.

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Penrith City Library File: 002\002634, Photonumber: 2634

Penrith City Library
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