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Buena Vista, Lemon Grove, Penrith

Buena Vista, Lemon Grove, Penrith, 21 March 1907, courtesy of Penrith City Library.

Buena Vista, Lemon Grove, Penrith

Buena Vista is a two story Victorian villa and was built around 1885, as the home of Arthur Judges, a local chemist and prominent resident of Penrith. Judges was also a horticultural enthusiast and established what was claimed to be one of the best ferneries in NSW at Buena Vista. The property is now called Lemongrove Lodge, however it has also been known as Lemongrove Hall. This postcard is published by A. Judges, Penrith and bears a 1 penny New South Wales postage stamp.

21 March 1907
Archival reference

Penrith City Library Photo number: JC193

Penrith City Library
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