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Arnott Holme (1885)

Arnott Holme (1885), 12 August 2007, courtesy of Macr, Marc McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons.

Arnott Holme (1885)

Originally built on a 5 acre block by Charles Uphold, owner of the Soap and Candle Factory which opened in Mayfield from 1886 east of Ingall St. The estate was sold to William Arnott in 1888 and named Arnott Holme. The Arnotts remained here until 1898. The bakery was in Hunter Street, while members of the family resided here in Mayfield. The house was then sold to Isaac Winn, who renamed it Winn Court. Many social functions, including fetes and Bible classes, were held in the home and grounds. In 1921 the house was acquired by the Church of England and became St Elizabeth's Girls Home and, later, St. Albans Boys Home.

12 August 2007
Macr, Marc McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons
This image is free to share providing attribution is given to Macr, Marc McIntosh.
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