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Girls at Kamballa, 1975

Girls at Kamballa, 1975, 8 January 1975

Girls at Kamballa, 1975

This is a digital copy of an image that appeared in the Sunday Sun-Herald on 4 November 2012.

In the Sunday Sun-Herald article, this photograph is captioned "'Inmates' of the Parramatta Girls Home". However, information from former residents and the date of this photograph confirms that this was taken at Kamballa, in 1975, after Parramatta Girls Home had closed.

This is established through the dress the girls are wearing and the presence of the dog. As a former resident of Parramatta Girls Home noted: "Parramatta Girls' Home did not allow short skirts. We were not allowed to sit around playing records and we definitely did not play with a dog! PGH was an inhumane, brutal, strict institution." It is likely that the dog belonged to the superintendent or deputy and was provided here to help stage the photograph.

Sandy Jessamine, a former resident of Kamballa, recalls a photographer visiting in January 1975 where a number of photos were taken. This photo is part of that series.

8 January 1975
Published Source
Han, Esther, 'Female Factory tales to be told', The Sunday Sun-Herald, 4 November 2012, Details
Reproduction rights owned by Jeffrey Smith, Sydney Morning Herald
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