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Northern Territory - Archival Item

Palmerston House - Receiving Home for Adolescent Girls, Darwin (1960 - 1976)

Reference No
F1, 1972/4158
Legal Status
National Archives of Australia Reference Number

Palmerston House - Receiving Home for Adolescent Girls, Darwin is a Welfare Branch file. It contains correspondence and other documents related to the Adolescent Receiving Home and Palmerston House.


Access Conditions

'Open with exception'.

This record is 'Open with exception' which means that some parts of the file are open and other parts are not. The website of the National Archives provides more information about access to records, or you could contact them and ask about this record.


The documents on this file reveal the changes in location of Palmerston House during the late 1950s and early 1960s. They also often refer to conditions within the Home. Memorandums and reports provide information about the aims and policies of the Welfare Branch in relation to the running of Palmerston House. Some documents include the names and backgrounds of girls resident in the Home.

Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George