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Northern Territory - Archival Item

Leprosarium, East Arm Darwin (1937 - 1967)

  • Leprosarium, East Arm, Darwin

    Leprosarium, East Arm, Darwin, 1937 - 1967

Reference No
D467, 116/1/3
Legal Status
National Archives of Australia Reference Number

This file contains correspondence relating to the running of the East Arm Leprosarium and its predecessor, the Channel Island Leprosarium.


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Much of the correspondence on this file relates to entitlements and pension claims for individual patients. It also contains an issue of 'Health', the journal of the Commonwealth Department of Health, from September 1964 which includes an article about new approaches to the treatment of Leprosy at East Arm.


Leprosarium, East Arm, Darwin
Leprosarium, East Arm, Darwin
1937 - 1967


Prepared by: Gary George and Karen George