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Queensland - Archival Collection

Mater Health Services Records

The Mater Health Services Records comprise records for persons treated at the Mater group of hospitals. The collection includes birth registers from the Mater Mothers Hospital dating back to July 1965.


Access Conditions

For those persons wishing to obtain copies of health records, a "Clinical records request form" can be downloaded from the Mater Health Services website.

Requests for records should be made in writing and certified by a Justice of the Peace. Proof of identity is required by the Justice of the Peace. This can take the form of a birth certificate, driver's licence, passport, pension card, student card etc.


If a general health record has been inactive for 10 years it is destroyed. Birth records are kept for 28 years before disposal takes place. There are Birth Registers from the Mater Mothers Hospital dating from July 1965 to the present. The Registers show the mother's name, the sex of the baby, gestation and sometimes who delivered the baby.

A baby's record is held with the mother's record.

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Sources used to compile this entry: Email from Information Privacy Office, Mater Health Services to L. Butterworth, 14 June 2014.

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth