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Queensland - Archival Series

Visiting Medical Officer's Record of Hospital Treatment (1979 - 1985)

Westbrook Training Centre

28 March 1979
23 September 1985
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The Visiting Medical Officer's Record of Hospital Treatment, Series ID 992, relates to the Westbrook Training Centre, It contains the visiting Medical Officer's record of hospital treatment of boys at the Westbrook Training Centre.


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Access to some of these records is restricted to protect personal privacy


The Queensland State Archives website states:

Medical services were provided to boys at Westbrook by a Visiting Medical Officer who travelled from Toowoomba to Westbrook periodically (fortnightly, monthly, or only on an as-needs basis). For emergency treatment, boys were taken to the Toowoomba General Hospital.

From 4 December 1960, first aid and basic medical attention was made available on a daily basis with the appointment of a resident Matron (a qualified nursing sister).

This series records: name of boy, date of treatment in hospital, name of doctor or specialist unit, notations regarding treatment received, and medical condition.

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth