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Queensland - Archival Series

General Correspondence Files - Un-numbered (1947 - c. 1981)

Palm Island Settlement correspondence

3 June 1947
c. 31 December 1981
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The General Correspondence Files contain unnumbered general correspondence files for Palm Island and Fantome Island. Correspondence subjects include the island's quarterly reports, expenditure reports and estimates, Fantom Island wages, management of property and applications, approvals and permits to reside on the island.


Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted to 30 years from the end date


[Taken from Queensland State Archives website]

The quarterly reports were statistical returns which recorded employment levels and agricultural output (sawmills, building operations, crop production and livestock), general population statistics (births, deaths, departures and arrivals), hospital admissions and discharges, births and deaths, hygiene and general health. There is also occasional correspondence relating to the upkeep of the returns and a letter dated 29 April 1966 regarding the Palm Island census.

The expenditure reports and estimates contain monthly ledger sheets and expenditure reports on maintenance, incidentals, and expenses of the welfare fund; annual estimates of expenditure related to the Palm Island settlement and Fantome Island.

The correspondence of the Church of England at Palm Island includes property matters and relationship with the religious order on Fantome Island.

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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth