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Queensland - Archival Series

Registers of Children Hired Out (1881 - 1905)

Rockhampton Orphanage, later Rockhampton Receiving Depot

9 July 1881
26 June 1905
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The Registers of Children Hired Out, Series ID 16526, relate to the Rockhampton Orphanage, later Rockhampton Receiving Depot. Details include: name of employer and address, name of child, age of child, date sent to service and any remarks. The dates that the child was returned to the orphanage or was discharged are also provided. A child could also be entered into the register more than once if he or she worked at a number of places. Entries are mostly in chronological order. At the end of the register a few entries relate to particulars of children apprenticed and adopted.


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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth