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Queensland - Archival Series

Admission Registers (1875 - 1919)

Rockhampton Orphanage, later the Rockhampton Receiving Depot

20 November 1875
28 May 1919
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The Admission Registers, Series ID 16524, relate to the Rockhampton Orphanage, later the Rockhampton Receiving Depot. These registers of admission include the following details for each child: name and age of child, date admitted, date of birth, place of birth, religion, parent's name and occupation (if known), whether the parents are living or dead and a brief history of the child's background. Details of hiring or boarding out of children are also recorded. A digitised copy is available on the Queensland State Archives website.


Access Conditions

Access to some of these records is restricted to protect personal privacy.


The earliest of these volumes is identified as "Rockhampton Orphanage" and the later two as "Rockhampton Receiving Depot"; however in all three instances the format of the records is identical. It appears that the term "Receiving Depot" first came into usage for Rockhampton Orphanage around 1895.

Entries are roughly chronological; however dates may vary in different sections of a register. Some entries may also be hard to read due to mould damage and faded ink.

The reference number used by QSA to identify the digitised item is 313128.

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth