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Queensland - Archival Series

Admission Registers - State School (1893 - 1986)

Queensland School for the Deaf

11 March 1893
18 August 1986
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The Admission Registers, Series ID 4515, relate to the Queensland School for the Deaf. The system is arranged numerically by admission number and chronologically by date of admission.


Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted to 15 years from the end date. Permission to access this material can be obtained from the Privacy and Right to Information Unit, Education, Training and Employment Department.


This series comprises registers compiled by the Head Teacher of all student admissions for Queensland School for the Deaf. The registers contain the following details for each student: number of entry in the admission register; date of admission to the school; pupil's name in full with the surname appearing first; age at time of admission; date of birth; parent's name; occupation and residence (in full); religious denomination; grade the pupil was admitted to; date of leaving school; and date of return to school.In addition admission registers can sometimes contain references to special visits or occasions.

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Sources used to compile this entry: 'Admission Registers - State School (Series ID 4515)', in Queensland State Archives website, Queensland Government, 2004 - 2013,

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