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Queensland - Archival Series

Monthly Reports (1930 - 1934)

Townsville Orphanage and Townsville Receiving Depot

1 January 1930
31 August 1934
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The Monthly Reports, Series ID 5145, contain a general overview of the children, staff and activities of the Townsville Orphanage and Townsville Receiving Depot. Queensland State Archives relates this record to the later name for the institution, "Carramar".


Access Conditions

Access to some of these records is restricted to protect personal privacy.


These monthly reports provide a general overview of the children, staff and activities of the orphanage for the preceding month. Statistics are given for the number of children and staff at the start and end of the month as well as for the number of boys and girls admitted, returned from outside placements, returned from hire arrangements, discharged to relatives, those boarded out, those who had been hired out and any children who had been transferred to other institutions which were then listed. The names of all the children are listed and those in the nursery have additional information on their age and health. The monthly reports also include a general section which details the entertainments and notable activities held for the children, lists any gifts which were presented to the orphanage or children and details any illnesses and the children they affected. Visitor details are also recorded with the individual's name, the child whom they were visiting and the date.

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth