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Public Instruction Department (1876 - 1957)

State Government of Queensland

1 January 1876
12 August 1957
Government Department

The Public Instruction Department was established on 1 January 1876 under The State Education Act of 1875 to be responsible for the administration of preschool to secondary school education in Queensland. The Department ran the Queensland School for the Deaf from 1893 to 1957. In 1957, with the passing of the State Education Acts and another Act Amendment Act of 1957, the name of the Department became the Education Department.


 1876 - 1957 Public Instruction Department
       1957 - 2004 Education Department

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Sources used to compile this entry: 'Public Instruction Department (Agency ID 32)', in Queensland State Archives website, Queensland Government, 2004 - 2013,

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