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Queensland - Legislation

Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act Amendment Act 1946 (1946 - 1966)

Amending Act

This act with the full title "An Act to Amend "The Aboriginals Preservation and Protection Act of 1939" in certain particulars"(Act no.21/1946) amends The Aboriginal Preservation and Protection Act of 1939 (Act no.3 Geo VI. No 6). This amendment made it legal for a 'protector' to remove a person they classified as 'aboriginal' from one district to another within the state of Queensland. This amendment also rendered admissions of guilt made by people classified as 'aboriginal' by the government of the time legal evidence in a court of law. This only occurred if the confession or admission was made in the presence of only the Judge, the Crown Prosecutor, and defendants counsel, and the Judge believed the 'aboriginal' understood the meaning of the statement and it was made without duress or pressure. This amendment along with the act it amends was repealed and replaced in 1966 by the Aborigines' and Torres Strait Islanders' Affairs Act 1965 (Act no.27/1965).

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