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Queensland - Legislation

Adoption of Children Acts and Another Act Amendment Act 1986 (1986 - 1994)

Amending Act

This amendment with the full title "An Act to amend the Adoption of Children Act 1964-1981 and the Adoption of Children Act Amendment Act 1983 each in certain particulars and the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1962-1982 in a certain particular"(35/1986). This extensive amendment includes definitions of the children's court and criminal behaviour. It also details the regulations for reunions between adopted persons and their birth relatives. The amendment also discusses the policy of criminal checks for people considering becoming adoptive parents and the process through which a decision about their 'suitability' is to be made, the maintenance of a register of adoptions and the role of the Supreme Court and Children's Court in relevant legal matters. The amendment also covers other matters including a host of definitions, the qualifications of individuals making legal decisions about adoption and reunion and penalties for breaches of the act. This act was repealed by Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (No.2) 1994 (Act No.87) on 1 December 1994.


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