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Children's Court (1907 - )

Alternative Names
  • Children's Court of Queensland (Also known as, 1992 - )

The Children's Court in Queensland was established by the Children's Court Act 1907. This formed a special court of petty sessions where charges against people under 17 years were to be heard in camera. Many children entered the child welfare system via a hearing in the Children's Court. The Court could judge a child to be 'neglected' or 'uncontrollable', and commit them to the care of the Department or send them to an institution. In 1965, the Children's Services Act of 1965 provided that Children's Courts may be established at every place that was a Magistrates Court. This Act provided that hearings of the Children's Court be held at special times and in different venues to adult court hearings. The Children's Court of Queensland was established with the passage of the Children's Court Act 1992.


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