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Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme, South Australian government (2016 - 2018)


The Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme was established by the South Australian government in 2016. The Scheme was for South Australian members of the Stolen Generations who were forcibly removed from their families and culture.


Under the criteria of the Scheme, people who were Aboriginal and removed from their families in South Australia before 31 December 1975, were eligible. After receiving applications from people who were initially removed from the Northern Territory but who were then moved to South Australia by welfare authorities, the criteria were amended to include these people too.

People found to be eligible under the Scheme received an ex gratia payment of $20,000. While it was initially announced that payments would be up to $50,000 in some cases, it was later determined that a flat payment of $20,000, rather than a sliding scale payment, would occur.

The South Australian government also announced a Community Reparations Fund, to support organisations to develop project that would "promote healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and the wider community". There were two rounds of funding through the Community Reparations Fund, with almost 30 projects being funded.

With funds from the Community Reparations Fund being unspent, in 2019 it was announced that these funds would be redirected to the Individual Reparations Scheme, and an additional $10,000 was paid to those eligible under the Scheme.

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Prepared by: Kirsten Wright