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South Australia - Organisation

Adoption and Family Information Service of SA (c. 1988 - 2018)

c. 1988
Adoption Information Service, Government Agency, Records Access Service and Records Holder
Alternative Names
  • AFIS (Acronym)

The Adoption and Family Information Service (AFIS) is part of the Department for Education and Child Development. AFIS deals with all issues relating to adoptions, past and present. The Service assists people affected by past adoptions, Aboriginal people separated from family as a result of previous government policies and former wards of state who have reason to believe they may have been adopted. It provides information, advice, advocacy mediation and counselling. If you were adopted or believe there may be a Departmental file in your name, you can contact AFIS for assistance. In 2018, the Adoption and Family Information Service changed its name to Adoptions South Australia.


 c. 1988 - 2018 Adoption and Family Information Service of SA
       2018 - Adoptions - South Australia

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Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George