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Aborigines' Friends' Association (1858 - 2000)

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Alternative Names
  • AFA (Acronym)

The Aborigines' Friends' Association (AFA) was established in Adelaide in 1858 to help improve the living conditions and welfare of Aboriginal people and to encourage Aboriginal people to convert to Christianity. The AFA had a representative on the Advisory Board of the Aboriginal Women's Home in North Adelaide from 1926 to 1972. The AFA held its last meeting in 2000


During its early years, the Aborigines' Friends' Association was made up of both Protestant clergymen and laymen. The AFA carried out its mission activities by means such as appointing agents to work among Aboriginal communities, and establishing schools and missions. The AFA developed close historical ties with the Ngarrindjeri nation, in particular at the Port McLeay Mission at Raukkan under the management of AFA missionary agent George Taplin.

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