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South Australia - Organisation

Aborigines' Advancement League (1938 - 2008?)

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Alternative Names
  • AAL (Acronym)
  • Aboriginal Advancement League (Also known as)

The Aborigines' Advancement League of South Australia was established in 1938 by Charles Duguid. The establishment of a hostel in Adelaide for young Aboriginal people from the country was one of many activities carried out by the League, which also advocated widely for Aboriginal equality via legislative and policy reform. From 1956 to 1978, the AAL provided accommodation at the Wiltja Hostel for Aboriginal girls attending school in Adelaide. Based on the records now held by the State Library of South Australia, it appears the League was dissolved in around 2008.


Dr Charles Duguid was a lifelong campaigner for Aboriginal rights. The Aborigines' Advancement League of South Australia became an influential model in the development of other Aboriginal advancement organisations at the state and federal levels from the 1950s

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Prepared by: Ann McCarthy