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South Australia - Archival Series

Register of admissions - Industrial School, Magill and Edwardstown (1886 - 1929)

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These six volumes of Registers of admissions to the Industrial School deal with admissions to both the Magill Industrial School (1869-1898) and Edwardstown Industrial School(1898-1950). Related Homes include Magill Industrial School (1869 - 1898) and Edwardstown Industrial School (1898 - 1950).


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A Research Centre Members card, obtainable at the Archives, is required to research records held at State Records.

Although some very early records relating to children in care in South Australia are open for access, most records relating to children are subject to a 100 year restriction, particularly those which contain personal information about individuals. Written permission must be obtained from the government agency which created the record in order to access restricted material. To obtain permission a Freedom of Information (FOI) request form must be submitted to the relevant government department. State Records staff will be able to assist you with this.


Volume 1: Date in top left hand corner. Entries over two pages. Left hand page: (1) Number; (2) Name; (3) Age; (4) Ship (5) How long in Australian colonies; (6) Date of arrival in South Australia; (7) Late place of residence; (8) What relatives in the colony, where living, earnings and occupation. Right hand page: (9) Nationality, (10) Religion, (11) Recommendation, (12) Reasons for requiring admission, (13) Date of admission, (14) Date of leaving, (15) Where gone to.

Volumes 2-6: Date in top left hand corner. Left hand page: (1) Number; (2) Name; (3) Age; (4) Date of birth; (5) Late place of residence; (6) What relatives in the State, where Living, Earnings and Occupation; (7) Religion. Right hand page: (8) Court of committal, (9) Reasons for admission etc, (10) Date of admission, (11) Date of leaving, (12) Where gone to. Notes on contents - (6) What relatives: Sometimes includes subjective assessment of parents background, such as 'of low character'; (9) Reasons for admission: usually 'neglected', 'uncontrollable', 'illegitimate' or 'destitute'. Re-admissions are also included. (12) Where gone to: From 1921, after establishment of Seaforth Home, many transfers to and from that institution. Date range - 1886-1892, 1898-1908, 1913-1929.

Sadly there are missing volumes for the periods 1893-1897 and 1909-1912. According to State records ArchivesSearch these were used as 'waste paper in connection the war effort' in 1944.


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Sources used to compile this entry: George, Karen, Finding your own way, Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc., 2005,

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