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South Australia - Archival Collection

Private collection of John P McD Smith (1946 - 1980s)

St Francis House


This private collection of records containing information about St Francis House was assembled by John P McD Smith, whose father Percy McD Smith established St Francis House during 1946-1947. It contains photographs, news clippings, a film titled The Live Heart, a blank application form for St Francis House, and Percy Smith's memoirs and other writings relating to the history of St Francis House. The records date from 1946 to the 1980s.


Access Conditions

John P McD Smith passed away in 2022. These records are now in the custody of his son, Mark Smith, who can be contacted with requests for access.


Photographs (1946 - 1980s)
This collection of photographs consists of one large album. The album includes early pictures of St Francis House, some of which include boys. It also has many later photographs of boys at reunions of St Francis House, weddings and other events. The later photographs date from the 1960s to 1980s.

News Clipping Books (1946? - 1959?)
This collection of news clippings is made up of two large volumes containing many articles and published reports relating to St Francis House.

The Live Heart Motion Picture Film (1953)
The Live Heart is an eleven-minute film produced by the Australian Board of Missions concerning the work of the Anglican Church in Alice Springs. The film includes footage of St Francis House in Adelaide and some of the boys resident there.

Blank Application Form (1946? - 1959?)
This item is a copy of the blank application form created for use at St Francis House. Completed application forms contained the following information: (1) Boy's full name, (2) Date of birth, (3) Place, (4) Baptised, (5) Confirmed, (6) School Grade.

A declaration which was to be signed by the parent authorises 'the Warden to act on my behalf as he considers in the best interests of my son'. There is no record of where or whether completed forms were kept.

Memoirs and other writings of Reverend Smith (1946? - 1989?)
The memoirs and other writings of Reverend Percy McD Smith contain information relating to the history of St Francis House.

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Prepared by: Leanne Howard