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State Children's Department (1886 - 1927)

South Australian Government

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The State Children's Department took over responsibility for State children from the Destitute Poor Department in 1886 as a result of the passing of the Destitute Persons Act Amendment Act 1886. This Act created the term 'State Child' and separated responsibility for the care of State children from that of adults who continued to be cared for by the Destitute Poor Department. The State Children's Department was replaced by the Children's Welfare and Public Relief Department in 1927.


 1849 - 1910 Destitute Poor Department
       1886 - 1927 State Children's Department
             1927 - 1966 Children's Welfare and Public Relief Department
                   1966 - 1970 Department of Social Welfare
                         1970 - 1972 Department of Social Welfare and Aboriginal Affairs
                               1972 - 1990 Department for Community Welfare
                                     1990 - 1998 Department for Family and Community Services
                                           1998 - 2004 Family and Youth Services, Department of Human Services
                                                 2004 - 2006 Children, Youth and Family Services, Department for Families and Communities
                                                       2006 - 2011 Families SA, Department for Families and Communities
                                                             2011 - Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
                                                             2011 - 2016 Families SA, Department for Education and Child Development
                                                                   2016 - Department for Child Protection

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