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South Australia - Archival Collection

Client files of Disability Services (1879? - c. 2020)

c. 2020

Disability Services holds a collection of client records from The Home for Incurables and its successors and from institutions run by the Intellectually Disabled Services Council, including the Strathmont Centre and Ru Rua Nursing Home. These records include client registers and files. The records may also contain information related to other private disability services such as Minda Home


Access Conditions

Access to the collection is provided via the Department of Human Services, Records Management Division.


Disability Services holds client records from The Home for Incurables and its successors, from the Strathmont Centre and Ru Rua Nursing Home. These include the following:

  • Client Registers for the Home for Incurables. Registers list the following information on each resident (1) date of birth, (2) malady, (3) the date of residence, (4) religion and (5) next of kin information.
  • Client files for the Strathmont Centre. These detailed client files provide more information. These files remain current as long as clients are resident at the Centre.
  • Client files for Ru Rua Nursing Home.
  • Client files often contain notes or assessments dating from a client's first contact with a disability service. In the past when services merged or were replaced, the files and/or information from files were often combined. For this reason information from different services, such as Minda Home, may appear on a client file. Before the State Records Act was passed, when services merged or if a client passed away some files were destroyed.

Sources used to compile this entry: Emails and information from Freedom of Information Officer, Disability Services and former staff member of Intellectually Disabled Services Council, June 2014.

Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George