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South Australia - Organisation

Anglican Community Services (1988 - 1997)


Anglican Community Services was formed in 1988 to oversee both child care and aged care services. It replaced the Anglican Social Welfare Bureau. Anglican Child Care Services which had been operating in conjunction with the Bureau became a Child Care Division within the new organisation. Anglican Community Services was renamed Anglicare SA in 1997.


 1947 - 1981 Church of England Social Welfare Bureau
       1981 - 1988 Anglican Social Welfare Bureau
             1988 - 1997 Anglican Community Services
                   1997 - Anglicare SA

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Sources used to compile this entry: 'AnglicareSA History: More than 150 years of helping people in South Australia', in Anglicare SA, Anglicare SA, 2013,

Prepared by: Karen George