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South Australia - Archival Series

Admission Records (1951 - 1979)

Sacred Heart Orphanage


The Admission Records of the Sacred Heart Orphanage include copies of a two page handwritten list of names of children in the Home and a photocopy of an admission register covering the dates 1951-1979.


Access Conditions

Please contact the Professional Standards Office Records Service of the Catholic Church for an application form and information regarding the procedures and conditions for accessing information.

The Professional Standards Office does not charge any fees to former residents of Catholic Homes seeking their records.


The Admission Records of the Sacred Heart Orphanage include a copy of two large pages of handwritten lists of names of children in the Orphanage. The names run down the left hand side of the page and the years are listed across the top of the page. Boxes are ticked corresponding to the years that each child was resident in the Home.

The copy of the admission register comprises scans of 170 pages of the register, with admission information, including names of children, for the period 1951-1979.

Prepared by: Gary George and Karen George