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Seaforth Home, Interior nursery

Seaforth Home, Interior nursery, 1954?, courtesy of State Records of South Australia.

Seaforth Home, Interior nursery

This is a a copy of a photo from the archival series 'Photographs of Departmental Institutions', Volume 1, the original caption states: 'Portion of the Nursery containing 4 cribs and cots. Each crib has a locker and drawer for its own needs, and on the right (not shown) wardrobes and large drawers for their clothing. The cribs were specially made, chromium fittings, including provisions for holding up mosquito netting. Each crib lifts out of its container. Each child has a separate night light so as not to disturb other babies. There is a sound-absorbing ceiling up above.'

Archival reference

State Records of South Australia Series Type and ID: GRG29/136 - Picture 19

State Records of South Australia
Copyright is owned by the South Australian Government

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