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Mural at Magill Training Centre

Mural at Magill Training Centre, c. 2013, by Walsh, Dave, courtesy of On Topic Media.

Mural at Magill Training Centre

This is an image of a mural that was situated on the grounds of the Magill Training Centre. It was on a wall in the courtyard. According to a former staff member, the mural was painted in the 1970s, when an Arts Department grant enabled an artist to work with residents of Magill on the design. Magill residents also helped the artist to create the mural. The Find & Connect web resource has not been able to find out the name of the artist.

Unfortunately, the mural was destroyed when the buildings on the Magill site were demolished in 2014 to make way for a housing estate. Children had lived in various institutions on the Magill site for over a hundred years.

c. 2013
Walsh, Dave
Published Source
Walsh, Dave, 'Life in Magill Youth Training Centre', in Weekend Notes, On Topic Media, 18 April 2014, Details
Reproduction rights owned by Dave Walsh
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