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Glenara Training Services (1984 - c. 1995)

c. 1995
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Glenara Training Services superseded Glenara Children's Homes in 1984. It resulted from an agreement between the Board of Glenara and the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations to set up a Work Preparation Program for young people. Glenara Training Services closed in the mid 1990s.The Board sold the property to Southern Cross Care (Tasmania) in 2000.


Initially the Work Preparation Program offered young people training in farming, horticulture and kayak building. Later it expanded so that at any one time, five programs, with between 100 and 150 trainees, were running both on and off the site. None of these programs were residential.


1984 - c. 1995
Location - Glenara Training Services was in Franklin Village. Location: Franklin Village


 1921 - 1973 Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys
       1973 - 1982 Glenara Children's Home
             1984 - c. 1995 Glenara Training Services

Prepared by: Caroline Evans