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Tasmania - Legislation

Juvenile Offenders Act 1875 (1875 - 1918)

Principal Act

The Juvenile Offenders Act 1875 also known by the full title 'An Act for the more effectual Punishment of Juvenile Offenders' (Act no. 39 Vict. No.6) provided for boys under nineteen to be whipped for assault, an indecent offence, disturbance of the peace or obscene language. The sheriff was to provide a rod of twigs, a cane, or leather strap. The number of strokes were fifteen for a boy over fourteen years, and twelve, if younger. For capital offences, a boy could be sentenced to prison and a whipping instead of having a sentence of death recorded. The Act was repealed by the Children of the State Act 1918 (Act no.9 Geo.V No.15).


 1875 - 1918 Juvenile Offenders Act 1875
       1918 - 1936 The Children of the State Act 1918
             1935 - 1961 Infants' Welfare Act 1935
                   1960 - 2003 Child Welfare Act 1960
                         2000 - Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1997

Prepared by: Caroline Evans