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Child Endowment Act 1941 (1941 - 1976)

Commonwealth of Australia


The Child Endowment Act of 1941 was Commonwealth legislation. It provided for a child endowment to be paid to mothers with more than one child, foster mothers, and the managers of privately run children's institutions. It did not extend the endowment to state government run institutions until it was amended in 1942.


The Menzies government introduced the Child Endowment Act in 1941.

It provided for the Commonwealth government to pay an endowment of five shillings a week directly to the mother for each child under the age of 16 after the first. Foster mothers and the managers of privately run institutions also received the endowment. It was not mean tested. Claimants had to be born in Australia or resident for 12 months.

In 1942, the government amended the Act so that state government run institutions could also receive the endowment.

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