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Tasmania - Archival Series

Index to Personal Nominations (M; TF; TA or TG Numbers) (1946 - 1981)

Tasmanian Government Tourist and Immigration Department

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The Index to Personal Nominations (M; TF; TA or TG Numbers) was created by the Tasmanian Government Tourist and Immigration Department between 1946 and 1981. It provides personal details such as age, religion, address, trade, family, date the migrant left England, the ship, the date of arrival in Tasmania, whether the passage was assisted, and the number of the nominator, as well as giving information about what happened to the person concerned. The Index is arranged alphabetically with a card for each nominee. A number of them were potential or actual child or youth migrants.


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In addition to basic information, the index card of a child migrant might note the place of employment, if he or she wished to return to England, and if there was a consent to marriage and with it, an exemption from the Commonwealth Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Act 1946.

Index cards of child migrants who did not arrive in Tasmania but got off the ship somewhere else, for instance in Freemantle, are also included.

Some of the nominators were Boys' Town, the Big Brother Movement, and the Fairbridge Society.

The file number for each person with a file in the Migrant Files, series number AA59, is given.

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Prepared by: Caroline Evans