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Mental Health Act 2013 (2014 - )

Principal Act

The Mental Health Act 2013 also known by its full title "An Act to provide for the assessment, treatment and care of persons with mental illness, to repeal the Mental Health Act 1996, to repeal and rescind some related legislation and for related purposes"(Act no.2/2013) came into effect in 2014. The act aims to consolidate legislation relating to the involuntary admission and treatment of people with a mental illness. It also aims to further protect the rights of Tasmanians by empowering individuals with 'capacity' to make their own decisions regarding treatment.


 1858 - 1963 Mental Hospitals Act 1858
 1920 - 1963 Mental Deficiency Act
       1963 - 1999 Mental Health Act 1963
             1996 - 2014 Mental Health Act 1996
                   2014 - Mental Health Act 2013


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Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels