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Victoria - Organisation

Community Services Victoria (1985 - 1992)

State Government of Victoria

Care Provider and Government Agency

Community Services Victoria (CSV) came into being in 1985. Formerly, it was known as the Department of Community Welfare Services. A number of functions were transferred from the Department of Health to the new CSV in 1985, including intellectual disability services, maternal and child health, kindergartens and child care.


 1864 - 1887 Department of Industrial and Reformatory Schools
       1887 - 1900 Department for Neglected Children
             1901 - 1924 Department for Neglected Children
                   1924 - 1960 Children's Welfare Department
                         1960 - 1970 Social Welfare Branch
                               1970 - 1978 Social Welfare Department
                                     1978 - 1985 Department of Community Welfare Services
                                           1985 - 1992 Community Services Victoria
                                                 1992 - 1995 Health and Community Services
                                                       1995 - 2014 Department of Human Services
                                                             2015 - Department of Health & Human Services



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  • Annual Reports: Community Services Victoria, Government Printer, Melbourne, 1985-1992. Details
  • Community Services Victoria, Statewide Services Redevelopment Team, Discussion paper on the redevelopment of services for children and young people in Allambie, Baltara and Winlaton, Community Services Victoria, 1986. Details

Prepared by: Cate O'Neill