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Victoria - Archival Series

Supplementary Inward Registered Correspondence (1841 - 1979)

Reference No
VPRS 1226
Legal Status
Public Record Office of Victoria Series Number

Supplementary Inward Registered Correspondence is held by Public Record Office Victoria, and covers the period from 1841 to 1979. The records are inward registered correspondence received by the Chief Secretary which was filed separately from the normal run of correspondence because of its size. Subjects include the Industrial Schools 1884 report, the Royal Commission into Charitable Institutions 1871, and Industrial School Children 1878, Selina Sutherland, 1908-1910, and, the Neglected Children's Act 1888.


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There is a full list of records in this Series available on the PROV website, as well as a partial index that was created during the 1960s by staff at the Archives Division of the State Library.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis