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Victoria - Archival Collection

Ballarat Female Refuge Records (1892 - 1930)


Ballarat Female Refuge Records are held by the Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation. The collection dates from 1892 to 1930 and includes records relating to women admitted to the Home, including women who had children with them.


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The Ballarat Female Refuge collection includes:

  • Matron's reports (1918-1930)
  • Records relating to the operation of the Steam Laundry at the Refuge (1905-1914)
  • Female Rescue Home Doctor's Books, containing information about the pregnancies of inmates (1887-1921).

Please note that some records that were previously part of this collection at City of Ballarat Library (Admission Book 1892-1921 and Daily Occurrence Books 1901-1921) were transferred into the custody of Child and Family Services Ballarat in 2018.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis