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Victoria - Archival Item

Victorian Naval Training Ship for Boys Register (1865 - 1876)

Reference No
VPRS 11976/P0001/1
Legal Status
Public Record Office of Victoria Reference Number

The Victorian Naval Training Ship for Boys Register (VPRS 11976, Unit 1) is held by Public Record Office Victoria. It dates from 1865 to 1876 and provides detailed information of the boys who were housed on board industrial training ships in that period. It lists: the names of the boys; The name of the ship on which they were housed; the period for which they were housed on the ship; their previous location; their destination after serving their sentence on the ship.


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This register is an extremely useful resource for researchers of Victorian reformatories in addition to those interested in the history of children 'in care' more generally. The register is not comprehensive (as it is organised categorically rather than descriptively), but still useful.

The register offers a means of formulating a list of names of the children 'in care' on board the following ships:

  • the Nelson
  • the Deborah
  • the Success
  • the Sir Harry Smith

This could also complement a larger project of creating a full list of children in industrial schools and reformatories.

Prepared by: Natasha Story and Rosemary Francis