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Victoria - Archival Series

Inward Registered Correspondence (1851 - 1863)

Reference No
VPRS 1189
Legal Status
Public Record Office of Victoria Series Number

The Inward Registered Correspondence (previously called the Chief Secretary's Correspondence) contains records relating to Charitable Institutions, including churches, schools, hospitals, benevolent institutions (including orphanages) and grants-in-aid.


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The Colonial Secretary's Office and Chief Secretary's Department itself administered categories known as "Grants in Aid" to Botanical Gardens, Agricultural Societies, Municipal Councils, Benevolent Asylums and Hospitals, Scientific bodies, e.g. Board of Science, Geological Surveyor, Magnetic Survey, etc., and "Miscellaneous Services", e.g. maintenance of deserted children. The institutions receiving "Grants in aid" corresponded with the Chief Secretary who supervised the distribution of grants, and required regular returns of expenses.

A special fund for the Maintenance of Deserted Children was administered by the Chief Secretary who delegated the practical responsibility to the Police Department.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis