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drummond street services (1996 - )

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drummond street services is the organisation that was previously known as the Citizens Welfare Service of Victoria (CWS). The CWS had moved into premises at Drummond Street in Carlton in 1965. The organisation was renamed the Drummond Street Relationship Centre in 1996. In 2010, its name changed again to drummond street services.


In September 2020, drummond street services published an apology for abuse suffered by past clients of the Citizens Welfare Service (CWS):

We are sorry to any individuals that were harmed and to their families and loved ones. We are sorry to all survivors, this includes clients and their families, past and present, who we have worked with and trusted us.

It also announced that the organisation was undertaking the required steps to join the National Redress Scheme. At the time that the organisation made this apology, drummond street stated that recent research into its institutional had confirmed that the CWS ran a foster care program in the 1950s, and a hostel for girls and young women in Kew from 1964 to 1967.

CWS annual reports contain information about its involvement in providing foster care. Its foster care program commenced in 1956, in that year it organised 14 placements (CWS Annual Report 1956). Annual reports also indicate that there were 31 foster care placements in 1957, 27 placements in 1958, 26 placements in 1959 and 13 placements in 1960.


 1887 - 1947 Charity Organisation Society of Melbourne
       1947 - 1996 Citizens Welfare Service of Victoria
             1996 - drummond street services


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