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Home of Hope, Ocean Grove

Home of Hope, Ocean Grove, c. 1893

Home of Hope, Ocean Grove

This sketch is published in A.J. Campbell's Tourists' Guide to Geelong and the South Watering Places, published in 1893.

The caption reads:
'One of the most interesting buildings here is "Hopetoun Cottage", belonging to the Homes of Hope conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Cherbury in Collingwood, and used as a Sanatorium for the rescued children from time to time. The cottage stands on about an acre of ground, and has accommodation for 25 children, and the necessary attendants. Hitherto the Rev. M. Cherbury has been honorary superintendent, giving his time and means for the past 13 years without fee or reward, being also pastor of the Tabernacle, Collingwood. We understand he is in future to devote the whole of his energies to the great philanthropic work, which his heart, and that of his dear wife so truly loves. The objects of the Homes of Hope is set forth in the annual report of the institution, which can be obtained on application, and no one should visit Ocean Grove without seeing the bright and happy children so well cared for in Cherbury Vale. The view of the cottage is taken from the side of the hill leading from the terrace. Anyone interested in the welfare of such a noble work as the rescuing of helpless and homeless orphans will find a welcome from the matron. According to the last report 113 children are being provided for, and they are sent in batches to the seaside home as circumstances allow, staying from two to three months each visit. Their education is well looked after, and their religious training is quite undenominational'.

c. 1893
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