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Sutherland Homes for Children

Sutherland Homes for Children, 25 March 1929, courtesy of The Argus.

Sutherland Homes for Children

This is a copy of an illustrated article published in The Argus on Monday 25 March 1929. The image shows children, staff and adults outside the Sutherland Homes for Children for its opening.

The original caption reads, 'A new building for the Sutherland Homes for Children was opened by His Excellency the Governor (Lord Somers) at Greensborough on Saturday afternoon. Left: Lord Somers, accompanies on arrival by Mr. Smith M.L.C. walking between a guard of honour consisting of children from the Homes and Boy Scouts. Right: General view as Lord Somers declared the building open.'

25 March 1929
The Argus
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