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Two-way Cool-off [Nazareth House, Ballarat]

Two-way Cool-off [Nazareth House, Ballarat], 1963 - 1964, courtesy of Gabrielle Short.

Two-way Cool-off [Nazareth House, Ballarat]

This is a copy of a newspaper clipping from 1963 or 1964, showing a group of children from Nazareth House, Ballarat, who were at a swimming pool.

Gabrielle Short, a former resident of Nazareth House, kindly supplied this image to Find & Connect. She wrote this about the photograph:

"This photo was another display of their publicity stunts, where we had to stand and smile and look happy, well in a way we were happy for a few minutes, drinking cool aid, it certainly wasn't the norm. It was more for the camera … These photos do not tell the real story, but maybe some past residents who look at your website and may be interested in seeing photos that they don't have."

The date provided below is of the original photograph, the copy was taken in 2006.

1963 - 1964
Gabrielle Short
The copyright information for this photo is unknown

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