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Cattermole, Jean
The History of 'Mofflyn' 1909 - 1995

'The History of Mofflyn 1909-1995' is a booklet that tells the history of the organisation that became known as Mofflyn. It has not been published but was probably used to give staff, parents and donors a sense of where Mofflyn came from. Important events and people are named, and the information is arranged by year. The booklet was written by Jean Cattermole in 1995 but it used research from the church archives that had been collated by Reverend William McNair in 1974. There are photographs of: The Methodist Home for Children in Victoria Park (on the Sussex Street site), Werribee Boys' Home, Mofflyn House, Wesley Cottage, Guild Cottage, Dowerin Cottage, Meckering Cottage, Allandale (on Sussex Street), Werribee (on Jarrah Road). A copy of this history is available from the Uniting Church Archives.

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