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Newspaper Article

Catanzaro, Joseph
Farmed out to fear
The West Australian
26-27 May 2012, pp. 63-65

In this article from The West Australian, people who came to Fairbridge Farm School Pinjarra recall memories of childhood abuse, their attempts to tell the adults in charge and how 'much of what had happened had been swept under the carpet'. The article reports that 205 people who were at Fairbridge between 1930 and 1981 received payments from the Redress WA Scheme for abuse they suffered as children and the impact of that abuse on them since. Mike Barnett, curator of the Fairbridge Child Migrant Museum is quoted as saying that this shows that Fairbridge Farm School was not a 'role model' of Australia's child migrant program. The article includes some photographs of children at Fairbridge Farm and as adults. The personal experiences of six former child migrants are reported.



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